A Greener Faith: Religious Environmentalism and Our Planet's Future

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“Roger S. Gottlieb chronicles the promises of this critically important movement, illuminating its principal ideas, leading personalities, and ways of connecting care for the earth with justice for human beings.” — Oxford University Press

Roger S. Gottlieb has written a seminal book examining the emerging debate on environmental ethics among the world’s great faith traditions and what that means for the future of environmental stewardship. — Carl Pope, Executive Director, The Sierra Club

Roger S. Gottlieb presents a comprehensive view of the nexus of religion and the environment. The specific stories of faith-based environmentalism provide a bright picture of the faith community’s capacity for caring for God’s creation. If we actively follow his lead, we will go a long way toward being more effective stewards of our fragile planet. — Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches USA

Eminently readable, this book would make student discussions far more knowledgeable and sophisticated. It provides insights to religious environmentalists and helps broaden the views of the despisers of religion. Above all, this is a hopeful and wise book. — Environmental Ethics

Gottlieb’s beautifully written and carefully researched work is essential reading for people of faith, environmentalists, scholars and anyone who is concerned about our planet’s future. — Daily Star (U.K.)

An extended exercise in the practice of hope. — San Francisco Chronicle

A Greener Faith¬†is an exceptionally readable and informative history of religious environmentalism, written by a scholar who has documented the movement from the early days, and who writes about it not only with clarity detail but also with empathy and hope. –Review by Anna Peterson

Students and professionals with an interest in the intersection of environmental thought with virtually any discipline in the social sciences or the humanities will have their horizons expanded by reading A Greener Faith. Review of Policy Research Forum