Joining Hands: Politics and Religion Together for Social Change

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Roger Gottlieb has produced a profound and significant integration of spiritual and political concerns. Highlighting the spiritual strengths and weaknesses of the civil rights, anti-war, and feminist movements, Gottlieb shows that world-making politics and religion can be partners as they inform and deepen each other. As he ponders his role as a father of a physically challenged child, eschewing a perpetually optimistic version of spirituality, Gottlieb forces us to rethinking our commitment to “rational autonomy” as central to human identity. Rather than the dogmatic confidence of the true believer, Gottlieb offers faith and hope that leads to individual and collective political action even in the face of sorrow and loss, and without the surety of success. — Tikkun

Joining Hands┬ápresents an outstanding and critical analysis of the issues of politics and religion, and examines their existing and possible modes of interface in order to enhance “the full openness of religion and politics to each other’s insights.” It is difficult to quarrel with a book that is so well-written, so steeped in scholarship, and so good at anticipating and answering criticisms. — Socialism and Democracy